Bellissima Cucina

Where you come as strangers and leave as friends

Ready for a cultural experience?

You came to Italy, and Rome specifically, to learn about the history, see the sites, and taste the food. You might even like to learn how to prepare the food so you can take a piece of Rome home with you. But what if you don’t really want to cook with a bunch of people you’ve never met? 

What if all you really want to do is meet a local Italian family and spend an afternoon or evening with them (it’s only you and us) enjoying awesome locally sourced food prepared the way Italians do – the way nonna taught them, drinking incredible Italian wines properly paired with the meal, and fantastic storytelling in a way that you will return home and understand this culture much better!

You're in Rome - You Have Needs - Get This!

Fiat parked in Rome near outdoor eating area

Download my super secret 3 spots to have a glass of wine that the tourists haven’t yet discovered.

You're Invited for Lunch or Dinner

The best ways to learn about a culture are to go to a wedding, go to a funeral, and go to someone’s house for a meal. How about we focus on eating the real Italian food, shall we?

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Accumsan id imperdiet et, porttitor at sem. 

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